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Several common printing processes of cosmetic kraft paper bag manufacturers

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-05

In many packaging companies, in addition to the final mounting paper, the design of cosmetic kraft paper bags is very important, and there is also a printing process. There are various printing processes for gift box production. Each printing process has its own Not the same, and each has its own characteristics. When printing gift boxes, a suitable printing process should be carried out according to the effect of gift box production. Today, I will introduce the common printing process to you.

1. Typography

There are more characters and patterns, and there are more opportunities to change the printed characters. The number of printed gift boxes is between 100 and 1000, which is more suitable for letterpress printing. The number of printed type should not exceed 30,000, and the electronic version of fine pictures should not exceed 80,000. There must be some pictures from the production of the gift box to the printing. At this time, the powder paper must be used to obtain the perfect dot. Therefore, the paper made of gift boxes cannot be cheap, so as to obtain exquisite printing effects. When using letterpress typesetting tables, the intersection of lines is easy to separate and disconnect, which is a common disadvantage. In addition, when the printing pressure is too high or the surface of the pressure cylinder is too soft, there will be relief-like protrusions on the back of the finished printed sheet, which will greatly reduce the quality of the printed matter.

2. Offset printing

The biggest difference between offset printing and letterpress printing is that letterpress printing must use smooth surface paper for screen printing, but offset printing does not have this need, as long as the paper is not too rough. The screen printing effect is softer than letterpress, and it is easy to print round dots. Resin or nylon is another type of printing plate that can withstand wear and tear more than the above-mentioned plates. It can be printed up to a million times and can be said to be the longest-lasting printing plate. However, the method of using this type of printing plate is slightly different from the ordinary offset printing method, that is, there is no wetting system, so it is named dry offset printing. Generally speaking, the more pictures in the printed matter and the larger the picture area, the more suitable offset printing is used instead of letterpress printing. As mentioned above, the effect of printing pictures with offset printing is better than that of letterpress printing, so generally color printing and four-color printing use offset printing instead of letterpress printing.

3. Gravure printing

Gravure printing is suitable for printing high-quality and expensive publications. Whether it is four-color or black and white pictures, gravure printing can highly resemble photographic photos. Due to the high cost of plate making and the large amount of printing, it is the least used of the five types of printing in Hong Kong.

4. Screen printing

Because the screen printing ink is very thick, it is most suitable for special effect printing, especially suitable for small quantity and thick ink color. It can also be printed on three-dimensional, such as square boxes, boxes, round bottles, cans, etc. In addition to paper, the bottom can also be printed on cloth, quick handle, plywood, plastic sheet, metal sheet, glass, etc., so it is commonly used to print pennants, T-shirts, tile boxes, soda bottles, circuit boards, etc. The above-mentioned various printing features are not available with other printing methods.

The above four printing processes are introduced for you. Have you found a suitable printing method for you? If you still do not know which method is suitable for gift box production, it does not matter, you just need to contact and we will do it for you the best printing method.

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