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Selection of materials for making gift paper bags

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-13
People rely on clothes, beauty depends on beautiful clothes, and the production of equally delicate gift paper bags also plays a very important role in gift sales, especially to attract consumers, increase the added value of products, and promote the brand of the company. How to choose the material for making gift paper bags? In the selection of high-end gift paper bags, paper containers still occupy the primary position, the proportion of leather, wood, plastic and metal materials has increased compared with the past, and natural materials such as bamboo, willow, and grass are still less used. For some high-end gifts, there are also wood-based packaging materials. Flash of its natural and civilized temperament.

Take the production of red wine paper bags as an example. When the red wine paper bag production plan was based on reflecting the characteristics of the village and the dense red wine civilization, a lot of wood materials were used in the red wine paper bag production plan to make the red wine paper bag, and straw was added to the inner box of the red wine to contrast the frosting. Raw red wine bottle. It reflects the characteristics of the village civilization with dense red wine. It has achieved the harmony and commonality between the red wine paper bag production plan and the wine civilization.

Cartons have certain advantages in paper containers. According to the different levels of gifts, the selection of materials is also different:

1. Low-grade gift packaging carton: a. Use white cardboard over 350 grams to print and cover, and die-cut to shape. b. For the higher-end ones, 300g white cardboard is used to mount it into a paper card and then print, lamination and die-cut.

2. Mid-range gift packaging carton: The printing surface is mostly made of 250g-300g aluminum foil cardboard and 300g whiteboard paper, which are laminated to form cardboard, printed and coated, and then die-cut into shape.

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