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【Sample album】¤Draw the feeling you want, sample album, gift box, packing box

by:Jialan Package     2022-03-15

A picture book is a kind of book that collects pictures together. Design in the sample book refers to how art directors and graphic designers select and configure the art elements of an ad. Designers choose specific artistic elements and combine them in their own unique way to define the style of the design - the way an idea or image is expressed. The woodland design highlights the message through a sense of openness. First, the size of the photography grabs people’s attention, the sparse text makes the ad light-hearted and pleasant, and the copy is full of whitespace, giving it a neat, easy-to-read feel. Although the ad uses a variety of different elements, these spaces allow for harmony and balance between the elements. Under the guidance of the art director, several artists produce the initial composition of the advertising concept, and then cooperate with the copywriting, using their own graphic design expertise (including photography, typography and drawing), to create the advertisement or brochure.

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