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Round Cardboard Gift Box Flowers Bouquet Gift Box Factory Wholesale

Round Cardboard Gift Box Flowers Bouquet Gift Box Factory Wholesale
Waterproof Bouquet Cylinder Packaging Floral Hat Box
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CMYK & Spot Color in any Panton colors No. are available
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Ningbo Port,Shanghai Port
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L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal, Money Gram
1000 pcs
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Luxury Round Flowers Bouquet Gift Box Wholesale

Flowers are one of the most romantic species that exist in the world. Different types of flowers bloom in different colors, and people give them different meanings. People like flowers not only because they are beautiful when they bloom, but also because people can express their emotions through flowers and convey their inner emotions to relatives and friends.China is a country of etiquette. The ancients said: "Give someone a rose, and leave a lingering fragrance in your hand." It can be seen that the status of flowers in people's minds. As time continues to move forward, flower art has gradually become a popular art all over the world.

When flowers entered the scope of people's commercial activities, various flower art shops sprung up.In the era when flowers can be traded, people increase the value of flowers by constantly changing flower bouquet packaging.In the market, there are many kinds of products that can be used for flower packaging, and people gradually find that the flower wrapping paper that can be used for packaging flowers cannot always preserve flowers for a long time, which makes them feel very troubled.

Later, people began to try to use paper box to pack flowers. When packing flowers, they will cover the bottom with flower mud, which can well supply the nutrients needed for fresh flowers, making the flowers more durable and fresh.

The round flowers bouquet gift box is a very popular packaging in the flower market. The outside of this flower gift box is printed in four colors, and a bow ribbon is pasted on the box cover. The whole gives a luxurious and fashionable feeling!Now Jialan factory has a large number of spot round flower bouquet packaging boxes that can be wholesaled. Welcome you who are engaged in the flower art industry to come to inquire about orders!


Yiwu Jialan Package CO.,LTD

YIWU JIALAN PACKAGE CO,LTD is a professional packaging factory located in YIWU city and specialized in gift paper bags ,paper boxes, wrapping paper etc.Our main products are solid paper bags, fashion holiday paper bag,gift paper bag and advertising paper bag. We have a professional design team and more than 100 new designs updated monthly for customers to choose, Which can help customers to get their local market, but also we have our own after-sales service team to handle any problem if our customers have any question about our product.

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