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Reasons why environmentally friendly luxury gift boxes are popular among brands

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-09

In modern society, the issue of sustainable development has become a major consideration in product sales, including the product box that is sold with the product. Today, more than half of consumers worldwide prefer to buy products from brands with a good environmental reputation. In fact, the younger generation will form a positive brand view through 'charity marketing'. Some people may think that making an environmental decision will cost the company a lot of time and energy. In fact, as long as you consider the packaging materials and the ownership of the packaging box after use when customizing the packaging box, you can have a perfect ending.

In essence, luxury packaging boxes need to integrate protection, high-end and brand display, and at the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the process from the production of packaging materials to the end of packaging is environmentally friendly. In the luxury market, most of the packaging boxes are made of paper, because the packaging cartons can meet all the requirements of the brand for packaging.

Gray board paper has strong compressive capacity, which can avoid damage caused by extrusion and falling of products during transportation and storage. The choice of the outer mounting paper of the gray board pasting box is also very diverse, for example: low-key and luxurious white cardboard, black cardboard; comfortable tactile paper; artistic special paper and so on. In addition to pasting paper, velvet cloth, cotton cloth, and binding cloth are also very popular. At the same time, the plasticity of the packaging carton is very strong. In addition to effectively displaying product information on the packaging box, it can also highlight the brand information. For example, adding eye-catching packaging techniques to the brand logo, such as: bronzing, embossing, UV printing etc.

The last point is also very important, where is the packaging carton environmentally friendly? There are roughly two sources of raw materials for paper production on the market. One is to use wood directly as raw material, then pulp it, and finally make it into the paper commonly used in our packaging. The other is to process the recovered paper products through deinking, purification, bleaching and other processes, and finally make high-concentration pulp into paper. No matter which method is used, the packaging paper is very environmentally friendly. Here we can also see that compared with other materials, every step of the packaging carton from the production of raw materials to the recycling of the final packaging after use is very environmentally friendly.

It can be seen that the popularity of paper packaging boxes in the luxury industry is inevitable. As a luxury packaging box, it can effectively protect products and improve the perceived value of products. In terms of brand marketing, it can make the brand an environmentally friendly, A responsible image can also help the brand gain more attention from environmentalists.

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