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Reasons to Customize Eco-Friendly Luxury Packaging Boxes

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-12

Among the top considerations for luxury packaging, sustainability is increasingly important for brands. In fact, according to an October 2021 report by Think With Google Marketing Insights resource, 82% of consumers prioritize sustainable brands. As a luxury company, what steps should we take to make our business more sustainable? Custom environmentally friendly luxury packaging boxes are a very good idea.

What is an environmentally friendly luxury packaging box? Environmentally friendly luxury packaging is about reducing unnecessary material waste and minimizing the use of plastic. Sustainable packaging generally refers to minimizing the environmental impact of all processes from packaging raw materials to packaging waste, including every stage of packaging box design, printing and transportation.

As more and more consumers seek out eco-friendly options, choosing an eco-friendly luxury packaging box can contribute to consumer brand loyalty. Consumers also expect brands to reflect their values ​​and ethical commitments on the box. In addition to the need to consider the size of the packaging box when designing the packaging box to prevent material waste caused by oversized packaging, it is also very important to choose the right material.

The most straightforward way for brands to achieve sustainable luxury packaging is to choose the right packaging material that retains the protection of the packaging while also minimizing its environmental impact. For example: recycled paper. Recycled paper is usually made of waste paper, which is produced through more than a dozen processes such as sorting, purification, beating, and papermaking. It is one of the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly packaging box material options, so it is very popular. Like traditional materials, it can also be recycled to produce paper again. In the selection of printing inks, environmentally friendly vegetable oil inks can also be used. Vegetable oil inks refer to the composition of inks containing vegetable oil components, such as linseed oil and soybean oil. Now commonly used vegetable oil ink is soybean oil ink, its biggest advantage is environmental protection, renewable, no harm to the environment.

Environmentally friendly luxury packaging boxes have many advantages. In addition to reducing the impact of packaging cartons on the global environment, they can also convey the brand's environmentally friendly image to more potential customers, so as to attract the attention of more environmentally friendly customers.

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