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Reasons for choosing kraft paper as the material of high-grade packaging boxes

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-06

Kraft packaging can create an earthy and natural feel to the brand. But if you add exquisite craftsmanship and creative design, an ordinary kraft paper box can also be used as luxury packaging. In a retail environment, kraft paper boxes can also create an eye-catching high-end appearance for products.

Some people may think that the kraft paper box is just an ordinary product outer box. However, it can be for your brand. When you design your own brand of high-grade kraft paper packaging box, it is important to consider the type of kraft paper, thickness, weight, decoration and so on.

When you design a high-grade kraft paper box, it is important to consider using environmentally friendly paper as the box material. Using environmentally friendly paper materials is also a perfect choice to enhance your brand image. Whether it is FSC-certified paper or paper made of recycled paper, it is the best choice for brands to make high-end kraft paper packaging boxes.

FSC certified paper - FSC certified paper can not only effectively protect the environment but also label 'environmentally friendly' for the brand. Among the brands we have cooperated with, there are many brands that require the use of FSC-certified paper, including many international brands.

Recycled Paper - Similar to FSC certified paper, recycled paper is also effective in protecting the environment. All recycled paper is recycled paper, but not all recycled paper is recycled paper. Recycled paper is a kind of paper produced from waste paper through more than a dozen processes such as sorting, purification, beating, and papermaking. Using recycled kraft paper to make product packaging can maximize the use of paper resources.

In the end, kraft paper packaging is not just the outer packaging of the product, it is also important to consider the quality of the paper when choosing the right paper for your premium packaging. For example, what product is it used to package? Whether the product is fragile and so on. There are many different thicknesses of kraft paper, and it is also very important to choose the thickness of the packaging box paper according to the needs of the product.

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