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Professional high-end and messy high-end determine the cost of making paper bags.

by:Jialan Package     2021-04-13

According to previous introductions, there are actually several news articles about the design of a professional packaging designer, paper bag making designer is often more reasonable than the design made by the design company that the client went outside to find. And it is more in line with the production needs of hand bags, and the paper bags made are no better than those made by outside design companies. They are often made by high-end paper bags made by professional packaging bag factory designers. The contrast between high-end and ordinary design companies is two. The most important thing is that designers with years of experience in making high-end paper bags can reduce the price of the entire batch of paper bags made by the merchants.

What can I say, because half a month ago, there was an overseas Chinese who came back from Germany. He was not looking for a co-production of high-end paper bags. He was looking for a printing company at first, but he didn't know the printing company. He is only responsible for printing and does not know how to make paper bags. The service of making hand bags is not provided. Now this overseas Chinese is in a hurry, because he has a design drawing for high-end paper bag production requirements. The company did it, and some gift certificates were also designed by this company. The gift certificates can be made in this printing company, but the production of high-end paper bags has not been found, so he found it on the Internet through a search engine.

After coming that afternoon, he took out the design drawings of the previous company and the designer who had done high-end paper bag production projects for many years saw it and smiled contemptuously: Are you sure you want to do this? In this way, it will take more than a week for the three-dimensional printing and special paper on this, and these unnecessary bronzing fragments, many of them are unnecessary, and they are so fragmented on these special paper with textures. It is easy to fall off, leaving spots and spots, which is very unsightly, and the cost is very high, at least 3 dollars or more. After hearing this, the overseas Chinese in Germany spoke in unsalty and not indifferent Mandarin and said: Really? I thought it looked very high-end and beautiful. The designer smiled, and after a few hours of production, based on years of experience in high-end paper bag production, he made a sketch for the overseas Chinese in Germany.

wow Then, let's go, let's say two sentences in German, expressing my satisfaction. The most satisfactory thing for this overseas Chinese is the price. Because of the choice of materials, I picked back the simple but not the general single copper paper, which is complicated. In addition, the redundant craftsmanship is also eliminated, and the information he wants to display is displayed in a simple way. He expressed his professional admiration to the designer with many years of experience in high-end paper bag making. At present, the list is still going through the process, and I hope it will be a good one. Cooperation.

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