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Professional answer, what are the advantages of UV ink?

by:Jialan Package     2021-04-13

Under the green wind, more environmentally friendly inks have also begun to be used. Although the cost has increased, in response to the call for low-carbon environmental protection, UV inks are still widely used by everyone. Compared with ordinary inks, UV inks What are the main advantages of ink?

UV ink dries quickly and has excellent performance. Under UV light irradiation, the ink can be completely dried and cured in 1/10 second to a few seconds, and the speed is very fast. The UV ink used for printing kraft paper bags ensures that subsequent processing can be performed immediately after printing, saving the cycle of finished products. In addition, since the UV ink only dries under the irradiation of ultraviolet light, its performance is also very stable, and no skinning will occur.

Compared with traditional inks, UV inks should be dried more thoroughly, without any evaporation or solvent pollutants, and will not cause harmful environmental pollution, making the ambient air fresher and less odorous, which is beneficial It is an environmentally friendly ink that is environmentally friendly and healthy for employees, and meets the requirements of environmental protection and green printing.

UV ink has small particles and can print fine patterns. UV ink can make the color of kraft paper bag printing bright and bright, and ensure the gloss of the printed product. Because the ink layer of the printed product is strong, fast-drying and cross-linked, such an ink layer has high abrasion resistance and chemical resistance.

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