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Production process requirements of paper packaging boxes

by:Jialan Package     2022-01-19

The material of the paper packaging box is not only less flexible, but also not affected by light and heat, and has relatively high stability; the opacity of the paper can provide concealed isolation, so that some products cannot be seen from the outside of the packaging. See, so as to meet the needs of packaging, so what are the production process requirements of paper packaging boxes?

1. Plate making, the present gift box pays attention to the appearance of beautiful and beautiful, so the color of the plate is also varied. Usually, a style of gift box not only has 4 basic colors but also several special colors, such as gold and silver. For spot color

2. Paper selection, the general gift box wrapping paper is made of double copper and matte copper paper, and the gram weight is generally 125G, 105G, 157G, and rarely the wrapping paper of the gift box will be more than 200G, because If the wrapping paper is too thick, the framed gift box is prone to blistering and looks dull. Mounting is to select the appropriate double gray paper according to customer needs, commonly known as gray cardboard or gray cardboard

3. Printing, the gift box is only printed on the wrapping paper, the mounted paper will not be printed, and at most it is only dyed, because the gift box is an outer packaging box, so the printing requirements are very high, and the color difference is the most taboo , ink dots, bad version these shortcomings that affect aesthetics

4. Surface treatment, the wrapping paper of the gift box usually needs surface treatment, the common ones are gloss glue, over matte glue, over UV, over gloss oil, over matte oil

》》》Let the packaging box of Hangzhou packaging box manufacturer have three functions

The above is a detailed introduction to the production process requirements of paper packaging boxes. Paper packaging boxes are lightweight, which brings great convenience to our lives. I hope the introduction of the editor will be helpful to you. .

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