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Product paper bag making interesting design

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-08
Product packaging is an art. Art comes from life and is higher than life. In life, we can see many products made of paper bags, which are bright and eye-catching. Whether they are displayed in supermarkets or displayed on the streets, they all give people a strong attraction. Good packaging is not only in transportation and carrying, but also in artistic charm. Art endows the product with soul and enhances the value of the product to a higher degree. Its design must not only be technically practical, but also have visual aesthetics, which is convenient for product sales.

Then adding some interesting designs to the product can have a good marketing effect. An advertising master once said: If the product packaging cannot be designed with features to attract consumers to strongly buy it, it will soon be swallowed up by the commodity market, just like an advertising campaign without great creativity, it is just a second-rate product. . The designer's creative design plays a key role. In the vast sea of u200bu200bpackaging design, we call for amazing creative work, it is radiant and memorable. Unique creativity is the constant pursuit and lifelong exploration of every designer. What are the design points of interesting design?

1. Incorporate interactive elements to enhance visual effects

With the improvement of people's quality of life and the change of thinking concepts, their aesthetic level is also constantly improving. The packaging design that simply lists pictures and texts in the past is easy to make people feel boring and boring, and people need a higher level of sensory enjoyment and the mobilization of psychological interest. As a result, interactive design came into being, which greatly enhanced people's desire to buy products.

2. Creative display on the image and text

In the production and design of product paper bags, graphics are not only the basis for the formation of visual images, but also the result of the externalization of visual images. Ingenious use of graphic design to express subjective feelings and emotional communication between people, resulting in interesting . Rationalized filling of text and humorous language can also stimulate consumers' desire to buy to a large extent.

3. Three-dimensional design to enhance visual effect

If the paper bag production adopts novel design methods, such as three-dimensional design effect, it can also play a very interesting role. For example, the iron box, in terms of design creativity, shows the effect of three-dimensional space. After the changes of stamping and bending, it forms a bone-like placement of goods. The iron box presents a three-dimensional change as a whole, and the visual effect is richer, bringing people a novel visual experience.

Appropriately add some interest to the product packaging, which not only enriches the connotation of the product, but also builds an interactive platform between designers and consumers, which is not only the embodiment of art, but also the embodiment of technology.

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