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Problems that cannot be ignored in the production of printing spot colors for T-shirt paper bags

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-21

After sharing the problems encountered by the actual cases of foreign customers for a few days, we turned our attention back to the domestic market, because as a paper bag production, we are in a geographical location with a relatively advantageous trade advantage, so the foreign trade business is Lord, after all, increasing the export volume of our country will not hinder our country's trade surplus, but the domestic market is also very important. In July last year, our boss received a person who wanted to find a cooperation in the production of T-shirt paper bags. Clothing merchant, in fact, he has compared 3 packaging factories, but this customer is unique. He not only compares prices, but also has very high requirements for product quality. Just like many merchants who need to process health care product cartons, they are very picky. Make no mistake.

But why did the previous 3 manufacturers' T-shirt paper bags not meet his wishes? The biggest problem is that this businessman wants to use spot color printing to print golden mounted paper, but the samples made by the three manufacturers have obvious deviations in the t-shirt paper bags, which cannot achieve the effect that the businessman wants, and then our boss Take these samples to our master to see what is going on. As soon as he took out the swatches and samples after arriving at the factory, the master kept shaking his head and frowning, looking very disappointed. First, I picked up a brighter T-shirt paper bag to make a sample. After playing with it, I said that the paper and ink have high gloss, so it feels very bright, so it does not meet the needs of this customer. .

Then the master picked up two other darker T-shirt paper bags to make samples, played with them for a while and said: These two products are the problem of paper, the gloss of the paper is not enough, and the surface does not meet the The requirement of double-coated paper is inferior paper, so the printing effect is very poor, so these two are obviously worse than the bright paper bag just now. The biggest problem with the first paper bag is that the operator If you don't know how to mix ink with paper, you're wasting good materials. , This businessman who needs to make T-shirt paper bags is dubious after listening to it, and asks: What would you do?

I saw that the master selected one of the stacks of double copper paper, and then chose an ink, made a preparation for the merchant on the spot, and smeared it on the paper, although the color was a little bit when it was just applied It's not quite the same, but the master took out the lighter from his trousers pocket. After the long-distance drying simulation, he found that the color was really similar to the color that the merchant wanted, and it was not as bright and dark as the previous three paper bags. The effect appeared, which convinced the merchant, and immediately decided that the manufacturer of this batch of t-shirt paper bags would cooperate with us on packaging. In fact, this simulation process also included two other knowledge besides gloss. The principle of sex, --- according to the editor's current violent temper, I will tell you in detail in the next news,

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