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Printing tips for tote bags, envelopes, envelopes

by:Jialan Package     2022-03-14

There are many classifications of handbags. According to the thickness of the classification, there may be hundreds of different handbag printing types, with thousands of shapes and various shapes, and their functions, effects, appearance and content are also different. According to different materials, tote bags are generally divided into:

1. White cardboard tote bag

The tote bag made of white cardboard is a kind of high-end tote bag, which is characterized by: white cardboard tote bag The strength of the bag is the highest among all tote bags, and designers generally use this tote bag for high-end clothing or merchandise. White cardboard has excellent printability, and planners can boldly apply various planning methods (including color ideas). The white cardboard tote bag is the most expensive type of tote bag.

2. Whiteboard paper paper carrier bags

Whiteboard paper is also a common material for making tote bags. The tote bag made of white cardboard is stronger and can hold some goods with a certain weight. Because the printing suitability of whiteboard paper is general, it is more suitable for printing text, lines or color blocks. The strength of the whiteboard paper is high, and it can be uncoated, so the cost is relatively low, and it is a relatively affordable handbag.

3. Coated paper tote bags

Choose coated paper to make tote bags, which are characterized by moderate fastness. Because the coated paper has high whiteness and gloss, and has excellent printability, the planner can choose various pictures and color blocks boldly, and the advertising effect is excellent. After the coated paper is covered with glossy film or matt film, it not only has the functions of moisture-proof and durable, but also looks more beautiful. Coated paper is one of the most popular handbag manufacturing materials.

4. Kraft paper handbags

Handbags made of kraft paper are characterized by high fastness and low cost, and are generally used to hold common commodities. In addition to white kraft paper, the background color of general kraft paper is darker, so it is more suitable for printing dark text and lines, and some contrasting color blocks can also be designed. Kraft paper tote bags are generally not film-coated and are the lowest cost tote bags.

Standard type

Vertical specification: 220*340*65MM for seniors, 260*340*80MM for juniors, 300*420*80MM for front, 330* for large 450*100MM

Paper: 250G white cardboard (or other paper)

Optional process: lamination, bronzing, embossing, UV...


any specification , paper, quantity, craftsmanship, special edition customization.

Rope specification for handbags

There are also paper twist ropes and so on.

Business EnvelopesEnvelope

The purpose of the envelope is to insert a single page or sample into the envelope to form an integrated set of documents. Generally used for the integration of promotional materials. There are many kinds of deformations in the orientation of the envelope commonly known as 'tongue

Standard type

Specification: 213×290MM+80MM lap

Paper: 250G, 300G coated paper, etc.

Process: environmental varnish , lamination, bronzing, embossing, UV...


According to customer needs, arbitrary specifications, paper, quantity, craftsmanship, special edition customization.

Envelope Envelope

Here mainly refers to the normative envelope.

Standard type

Vertical specification: 220*340*65MM for seniors, 260*340*80MM for juniors

Specifications: GB No. 5, No. 6, No. 7, No. 9< /p>Paper: 120G double-adhesive paper, etc.

Process: bronzing


According to customer needs, arbitrary specifications, paper, quantity, process, special edition customized.

Envelope Execution Specifications

Envelope Specifications:





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