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Printing suitability of whiteboard paper in the production of kraft paper bags

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-15

A variety of materials are often used in the production of kraft paper bags. Common cardboard materials include whiteboard paper, grayboard paper, etc. The front of whiteboard paper is white and smooth, and the back is mostly gray. After color printing, it is made into kraft paper bags for packaging of various products, as well as for design and handmade products.

The properties of whiteboard paper generally refer to the printing suitability of the kraft paper bag made of it for printing, including some performance characteristics during transportation and storage. The printability of whiteboard paper is that under necessary conditions, the reproduction of a certain quality of printed matter should have a certain physical and chemical reflection. Whiteboard paper must reflect the best printing quality and color effects in the production of kraft paper bags. During the printing process of whiteboard paper, the ink adsorbed on the printing plate can be smoothly transferred to the surface of the paper, so that the kraft paper bag can be made to obtain a complete, full, clear and rich graphic imprint.

The printing suitability of whiteboard paper in the production of kraft paper bags includes: pore structure and ink absorption of paper; smoothness and compressibility of paper; surface strength of paper; acidity and alkalinity of paper and water content and expansion and contraction of paper sex.

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