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Popular foreign high-end packaging box design

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-06

Good packaging design can have a lasting impact on a product. Various brands have also made full use of this and combined the characteristics of the brand to promote their products through good packaging design. We’ve also unearthed a number of impressive product packaging so far to help you get some inspiration when designing your product’s packaging.


Folx is not only designed to serve the urban transgender population, which has traditionally been neglected by the traditional healthcare system. And it also adopts the telemedicine model that has become increasingly popular since the outbreak. Inclusiveness is a huge trend in packaging design when it comes to boxes as a whole, and Folx delivers on that. Their branding and box visual identity was created by a really cool design team. On the packaging fonts, they use very recognizable bold and serif fonts, with bright color blocks and incomplete graphics to create a sense of visual impact.


In an increasingly smart world, Talsam has created a line of smart jewelry branded to keep loved ones connected. Now that the new crown epidemic is still raging around the world, no matter at home or abroad, everyone is trying to reduce going out as much as possible. Talsam works like a cell phone to keep you in touch with your loved ones at all times, and they even have a beautifully designed app that lets you send private messages through your jewelry. Its jewelry packaging box also creates an unforgettable unboxing experience for customers. The box itself feels like a cross between a traditional velvet jewelry box and an iPhone electronics box.

Suculenta Reposteria

We all know we spend more and more time on our phones. Social media sites like Douyin have become one of the most powerful tools companies use to market their products. The unboxing experience a brand offers customers can help spread the word on social media. Such is the case with Suculenta Reposteria, whose dreamy color scheme seems to remind customers to 'come and shoot me'.

Packaging box design is very important for every brand. Whether it's creating an original box, or looking for inspiration in other great boxes, it's great.

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