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Paper types favored by jewelry paper bag manufacturers

by:Jialan Package     2021-04-05

In the morning, I introduced the use of offset printing in the production of tea paper bags. In fact, jewelry paper bag manufacturers are also the leaders in using but printing, and we all know the applicability of offset printing in the process of paper bag production and printing. It is better than letterpress printing. The requirements for paper are not as high as letterpress printing. So which paper can be used in the production of printed product paper bags for jewelry paper bag manufacturers. Today, paper bag manufacturers will share with you.

The first type is offset paper: this is specially designed to provide jewelry paper bag manufacturers for offset printing multiple overprinting paper, usually divided into two kinds of single-sided tape and double-sided tape, and the general specification weight is 70g/㎡ and 80g/㎡, 90g/㎡, 100g/㎡ or even 120g/㎡, these are relatively common, with small elasticity, tight texture, no powder, no napping, and the surface of the paper is not particularly rough, and has a certain The smooth feature is the characteristic of this paper.

The second type is coated paper: I believe that there is no need to introduce the coated paper too much. It is smooth paper with single-sided coating and double-sided coating and calendering treatment, so it is also divided into single copper and double There are two types of copper paper. The general specifications and weights are 80g/㎡, 100g/㎡, 120g/㎡, 150g/㎡ or even 200g/㎡, with higher smoothness, no powdering, no delamination, and no coating. Bubble holes are the reasons why coated paper is so popular in the paper bag making industry.

The third type is whiteboard paper: this type of paper has excellent strength and thickness. It is mainly divided into special grade and ordinary based on weight. The other way of distinguishing is the same as the previous two, divided into single-sided and double-sided. The general weight specifications are 200g/㎡ and 220g/㎡, 250g/㎡, 280g/㎡ and even 350g/㎡ and 440g/㎡, which are relatively common in the market, except for the similar characteristics of the above two papers. It is also widely used because of its strong toughness that is not easy to break after folding.

The fourth type is newsprint: this kind of paper has not been used in the paper bag making process of jewelry paper bag manufacturers, but because many news papers use these papers, I also briefly introduce them. These papers are generally very thin. , And it is divided into two types: roll paper and flat paper. The general weight specification is about 51g/㎡. This kind of paper has strong ink absorption but poor water resistance, so if you use these papers, you must be very careful to control the water content.

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