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Paper paper bag production process

by:Jialan Package     2021-03-13

One, design

According to the customer's paper bag production needs, as well as the characteristics of the product, we design patterns.

Two, proofing

According to the drawings, samples are made, and the proofing is mainly to provide a reliable process structure for the product and save material costs; simplify the process to save labor, and provide powerful process standards and technical guarantees for mass production.

Three, choose materials

General paper boxes are usually made of double copper paper, silver cardboard, gold cardboard, white cardboard, special paper and gray board

Fourth, printing

Use different thickness of double copper paper, silver cardboard, gold cardboard, white cardboard, etc. through four-color printing, spot-color printing, single-color printing, silk-screen printing, etc. Printing requires high craftsmanship, and the most taboo is the shortcomings that affect the aesthetics of color differences, ink dots, and rot.

Five, surface treatment

Carton boxes generally need to be surface treated. Common processes include matte film/light film, partial UV, over-varnish/matte oil, yarn grinding, bronzing/silvering, etc.

Six: Beer materials

Beer is a more important part of the printing art, the knife film must be accurate, but the deviation of the beer will affect the carton forming effect.

Seven, mounting finished products

All the above are done, that is one step away from mounting the finished product, and you are done. A beautiful paper bag must be made by hand in order to achieve a certain effect.

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