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Paper bag production and printing production process

by:Jialan Package     2021-03-26

Paper paper bag making is everywhere in our lives, no matter how big or small the product can't be separated from packaging, and paper bag making also very well enhance the value of the product, if paper bags are used to make packaging products/gifts , You can also express your own mind better, and the exquisite paper bags we can see are all made through a process, and these processes require more attention. Take you to understand the process of making paper bags.

1. Scanning manuscripts. Every exquisite paper bag production is inseparable from meticulous design, so if you want to make an exquisite paper bag production, you need to design the drawings first, and this is also the production of paper bags and affects the printing process afterwards Important step. Scan the designed drawing, that is, scan the original picture into a transmission draft and a reflection draft.

2. Design and production After the original manuscript is scanned successfully, a certain design and production is required. During this process, the producer should design the pattern, font, layout, etc. of the paper bag according to his own ideas, or the size, shape, weight, state and other characteristics of the packaged items.

3. Inkjet processing After completing the design and production, it is necessary to perform certain inkjet processing on the document, but it should be noted that the number of inkjets is generally limited to two. If the number of times is too much, it is likely to affect The clarity of the pattern of the file will also affect the effect of the entire pattern after it is formed. Therefore, after the ink is sprayed, you must take good care of it. Of course, one thing that cannot be forgotten is the four-color correction.

4. Digital proofing and output film After completing the previous steps, digital proofing can be carried out. At this time, you must use imitation copperplate paper, and the effect of digital printing will be more obvious. After the digital printing is completed, the steps of film output can be carried out. At present, the film output needs to go through a large board, but the board must be processed according to the size of the printing machine. However, it is necessary to refer to the requirements of the product appropriately, so that the production can be more perfect. After the film is released, the registration and proofreading cannot be forgotten. At the same time, check whether there are dirty white spots, and whether there are dots in the four-color picture. After doing this, the product packaging and printing production will basically take shape.

Summary: For professional staff, the production of paper bags for a product is relatively simple. Although the printing and production of paper bags is relatively cumbersome, it is relatively simple in their opinion, but if it is non-professional If you are a person, you need to master the above knowledge to be able to better complete the printing production of the product paper bag.

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