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Paper bag production and printing process

by:Jialan Package     2021-03-25

Whether it is printing corrugated carton packaging or making high-quality paper bags, you need to find paper bag manufacturers, and the customer's understanding of the printing process of paper bag manufacturers can reduce unnecessary troubles, so what is the specific paper bag production and printing process?

First of all, the choice of printing materials for paper bags is very important. Generally, the selected materials require good quality and good printing effects. The specific materials should be selected according to the packaging and printing requirements. The packaging printing plant mainly focuses on offset printing and letterpress printing. The lithographic plate making process is simple and easy to operate. The letterpress printing has bright colors and good gloss. During the printing process of both packages, powder is sprayed to prevent the backside from being dirty.

Process refers to the process of laminating, bronzing, protruding and UV. The specific process can be selected by customers according to their needs. General handbag printing and color box customization will require surface laminating process. However, not every product needs to be coated. For example, packaging products with kraft paper printed on facial paper do not need to be coated. Die-cutting plate making is a very important part of the printing and forming of paper bags, and it has very accurate requirements for the drawing of die-cutting plates. First, draw the paper bag production sample map according to the design document, and then carry out the imposition design according to the paper bag production sample map and the printing paper size. Copy the imposition design drawings, one for printing, and one for die-cutting to ensure the consistency of the two.

After the packaging and printing are completed, the next step is carried out according to the specific packaging product needs, such as the printing and stringing of the handbag, the nail box for carton packaging, and the sticking of the card box packaging. It is a packaging and printing manufacturer with rich printing experience in paper paper bag production and printing, picture book customization, handbag printing, etc., providing paper packaging and printing special edition customized services, if you have related needs, please feel free to contact us.

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