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Paper bag making: what is bronzing process

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-24

With the vigorous development of paper bag making, more and more production techniques make paper bag making more colorful. However, most people are not familiar with these processes. First of all, today I will share with you what is the hot stamping and silvering process for making paper bags.

1. The concept of making printing and bronzing of paper bags

Hot stamping is about hot stamping of anodized aluminum. The principle is that the prepared printing plate is pasted on the printing plate table equipped with the electric heating plate, the printing plate is heated by the electric heating plate, and the reel-shaped anodized aluminum is hot stamped on the surface of the substrate. The base material of bronzing is anodized aluminum foil, which can be divided into red gold, green gold, hot silver, red, green, blue, iridescent and laser gold, etc. Different base materials can create different artistic effects of prints.

2. The function of printing and bronzing of paper bags

Hot stamping mainly has two functions, one is surface decoration, which increases the added value of products, loves festivity and splendor is a national tradition of our country, and combines hot stamping and embossing technology to show its luxury; the other is to give products higher anti-counterfeiting Performance, using holographic positioning hot stamping trademark logo, anti-counterfeiting, brand-name protection. At the same time, bronzing can express the individuality of product packaging and is safe and environmentally friendly. Therefore, many high-end paper bags are made of bronzing process.

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