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Paper bag making and printing technology complement each other

by:Jialan Package     2021-03-31

One of the most important principles of paper bag production design is: the design must be achievable in production. The most closely related to flat printing is the prepress printing technology. Paper bag production design is a systematic work, involving many factors, such as materials, structure, graphic design and production technology, etc., by no means as simple as drawing an image. Therefore, the design of paper bags in developed countries is usually completed by a team. There are paper bag making professionals who understand materials and structures, graphic designers, sales personnel and engineers from manufacturing companies to participate in the opinions, and strive to make the design perfect and realize it in production.

There are some misunderstandings in the practice of paper bag production and design in Chinese enterprises, which are mainly manifested in the emphasis on plane and light structure; emphasis on design effect and light production process. The direct cause of this problem is that the production and design of paper bags in my country is mainly done by art designers. Almost all of these people have a background in fine arts, and they have great limitations in the understanding of materials, structures and processing techniques. The continuous emergence of new materials and new craftsmanship can broaden the creative space of designers, but at the same time it is also a challenge. The rapid development of new design methods, printing methods and prepress technology also has a profound impact on the design activities of designers. New technologies such as computer design, networked transmission and digital printing directly affect the design work of designers. Therefore, paper bag designers must be aware of the problems that may arise in the design process in the new environment.

Replace low-resolution images with high-resolution images. This workflow can provide you with smaller files that can be operated faster and easier. Please refer to the page output section for more information about working with OPI and APR files. The impact of post-processing on output In the planning and design stages, it is necessary to consider the issue of post-processing. If what kind of coating material is used, whether special effect treatment is required, such as: bronzing, embossing, screen printing, coating, etc.

In addition, if more post-processing is required, the operating time should also be considered to allow time for completion. Printing on digital presses As the industry is gradually developing towards an all-digital printing workflow, digital printing is becoming more and more widespread and more widely accepted

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