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Paper bag making and printing production process

by:Jialan Package     2021-03-24

As we all know, paper bag production has the advantages of light weight, low cost, and easy processing. Most of the corrugated paper is used as the base paper of the carton, and the corrugated structure greatly provides the compressive and burst resistance of the carton. The production process of paper bag production is the production of corrugated cardboard-air-dried cardboard-paper printing / slotting on the printing machine-die cutting-nail box-glue box-forming.

Corrugated cardboard boxes are formed from corrugated cardboard through a hospitable process. What we are talking about today is the printing process that corrugated cardboard is processed into paper bags.

The first is to print on a printing machine. Printing is to transfer the ink in the ink tank to the surface of the paper bag through the rubber roller (ink roller). The printing method is based on different classification principles. different. In the paper bag making and printing industry, water-based ink printing and oil-based ink printing can be divided according to the ink used; screen printing, rubber plate printing, and resin plate printing can be divided according to the printing plate materials used, of which both offset printing and resin printing Printed for bumps.

The printing machine is fed by a feeding mechanism, that is, the required paper is transported to the work surface device, and then the paper is sent to the printing department through the paper feeding device for printing. The printing department is a key part of the printing machine. It is divided into several printing departments according to the number of colors that can be printed at the same time. The relative movement (horizontal or up and down) between different color groups is mainly used to ensure plate change and cleaning, etc. Work.

After the paper bag is made and printed, the cardboard is cut according to a certain specification, and then the fold of the carton is crushed by the crimping wheel to facilitate folding, and then the excess cardboard at the flap of the carton and the lap tongue is cut off. This process is the slotting, die-cutting, and pressing of paper bags. Forming and grooving can be done on the same machine, while die-cutting requires prefabricated templates in advance.

Nail box and glue box are the last means of making paper bags and printing. The purpose is to synthesize cardboard into cartons. There are three types of box nailing machines: manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic. In the manual nail box, the first and last nail distance and the uniformity of the nail distance are controlled by the proficiency of the operator, the labor intensity is high, and the production efficiency is not high. The semi-automatic and fully automatic nail box machine, on the one hand, reduces the strength of the workers, on the other hand, it improves the uniformity of the nail pitch and improves the quality of the product. Box gluing is a carton synthesis method used in the box industry that only adhesives can be used for certain cartons. For example, in the food paper bag manufacturing industry, most paper bag manufacturers use glue boxes.

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