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Paper bag making and printing-barcode

by:Jialan Package     2021-03-28

In the paper bag making and printing industry, from pre-press design to post-press processing, barcodes are a very important part.

The number of barcodes required in the paper bag making and printing process is also different for different products. Generally, 2 to 3 products are required, and some products require more.

For example, some products have only one type, it only needs a barcode for sale or product batch identification barcode and a barcode used in printing paper bag production enterprises; some special products such as light bulbs and medicine paper bag production, it not only has Many types and many types are the same in box shape and similar in color, which requires more barcodes to be controlled in post-press processing.

In the printing department, the bar code has no direct effect, but if a problem occurs, the post-processing process will be greatly affected. The function of barcode is mainly to check whether the batch of products is wrong. Advanced enterprises can realize the quality control of this link through online scanning, and can print out accurate verification data. Enterprises with incomplete equipment should also use manual Check to achieve this link.

For products with barcodes, ensure that the barcodes are clean and free of other inks. When printing, you should also pay attention to carefully check the parts that do not need to be polished to ensure that the parts that do not need to be polished are accurate, and to ensure that all printed products are stable, and try to bring convenience to the production of the post-processing department to save costs and improve product quality. In the printing and debugging stage, when using CAD drawings for verification, you should also check whether the position of the barcode is outside the box shape to prevent losses due to design errors.

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