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paper bag flooring instructions

by:Jialan Package     2020-03-10
This is an amazing DIY project that will definitely enhance the look of your home.
This is a crazy cheap floor project and it only cost me $60 material to reach a beautiful, durable floor.
I put it in my high traffic, 10x10 entrances and 12 (four foot wide)stairs!
This floor has been installed.
It\'s been 5 years now, still beautiful and durable. . .
Despite my 4 kids, their wet snow boots, traffic and daily abuse from a wide variety of friends.
Clean and prepare the floor.
You can\'t expect a good finished product without preparing the area.
It doesn\'t take a long time, but it does.
If you plan to apply paper bag flooring to plywood, Please seal the cracks between the boards (see photo. . .
It seems to be filled.
If not, it seems to show up so fill the crack.
We also successfully applied paper bag flooring on hard vinyl tiles.
In this case, scrub the floor with a teaspoon to remove any dirt and dirt that will hinder the adhesion of the paper.
Vacuum completely determines how you apply it.
Do you prefer wood flooring in wood style? A tile look?
The appearance of the slate . . . . . . The sky is the limit . . . . . . But for this instruction, we will only focus on the traditional slate-style paper bag floor (see photo).
Check out the wood-style paper bag flooring on my website. . .
Pay attention to the randomly torn pieces of paper above;
They are less than 12 \"x 12 \".
I am very diligent. I don\'t have a bunch of straight pieces.
Torn edges, mixed better along the way.
I tore the paper in advance.
Once it was torn, I tied it all together into a ball and crushed it again.
This gives more texture to the floor and also helps the glue to better soak on paper and attach.
Note: It\'s good to have some straight edges against the wall.
It\'s time to mix Elmer\'s glue with water.
1 glue/2 water. Stir.
Dip a few sheets of paper into the glue mixture and squeeze the paper to make the most of the glue. . .
It will still be saturated.
Put it on the surface, smooth it with a brush, and even run on it with a gloved hand to make sure it sticks to the floor.
Lay next, overlap the previous one. See photo.
In addition, pay attention to the change of color. . .
Don\'t panic. . .
It\'s just the difference in drying.
When it\'s dry, it\'s completely flat!
For the rest of the instructions, videos, supply lists, etc, see!
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