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【Packing box】What materials can be used to make it?

by:Jialan Package     2022-01-27

In this era of packaging, it is normal to pack goods, so a lot of packaging boxes and gift boxes are used, so the materials they use are usually very good. ? Next, let the Hangzhou packaging box manufacturers who produce packaging boxes and gift boxes tell you.

The type is white cardboard. The reason why white cardboard can be used for cardboard boxes is that the structure in it has 3 to 6 layers, or more materials make the whole more firm, so it can make his Hardness can be called a hard material to some extent.
The kind is kraft paper, this material is not as thick as the white cardboard of the kind, but from the fiber composition of its own physical structure, the overall hardness is improved, and it is not so fragile, although it is thicker than General double-coated paper or single-coated paper is thicker, but its thickness is not as thick as cardboard, but its hardness is not inferior to white cardboard.
In summary, the two kinds of cardboard materials explained above are the more popular packaging materials at present, so the quality of the packaging box is better. If you need to know about other products in different packaging boxes, you can contact the editor.
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