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【Packing box】How to carry out green packaging

by:Jialan Package     2022-03-09
Nowadays, green packaging box packaging has become a development trend. As a classification of the paper product packaging industry, green packaging boxes have also ushered in the golden age of their own development. In addition, with the continuous improvement of automation, the use of green and environmentally friendly consumables for printing is an important way to achieve green packaging. Packaging box printing enterprises should try their best to use environmentally friendly ink, paper, glue, varnish, etc. or raw and auxiliary materials with less pollution, and research and promote new packaging processes and technologies that meet environmental protection requirements. The raw materials used in general packaging boxes, the paper source is generally raw material paper, half of which is environmentally friendly paper.
Green packaging is a kind of pollution-free packaging with broad development prospects. Therefore, the green packaging boxes produced by our company are in line with the current packaging materials, which are not only environmentally friendly, but also can develop their market.

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