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Packaging design of packaging box knowledge

by:Jialan Package     2022-03-01

When you're looking in a store or in a wide variety of items, your eyes are very short on each item, so the packaging design is intuitive and clear, which doesn't mean it's fancy or plain , but it is clear and clear to the customer at a glance. Packaging design is a competitive design. Modern commodity packaging design competes with each other to occupy more and more customers. Successful packaging design requires adequate research, not only to study competitors' products, but also to study the way the products are displayed and sold, including how the products are marketed, ambient lighting conditions, product storage, transportation and security. Packaging design is the basic skills of graphic packaging design - the use of colors and patterns, the correct balance and proportion of the packaging box, the choice of materials and decoration, etc. will be embodied in the packaging design. But packaging design is three-dimensional and can be applied to all kinds of packaging, boxes, cans, glass bottles and flat surfaces. Therefore, it also requires other specific skills, such as: how to make glass and metal flat and curved or elastic Make patterns on the surface, know how to master plastic, cardboard and other materials for good packaging design effect, etc. Since packaging designs are mostly used for mid- and long-term production, designers are required to strive to make each design economical and practical. Packaging design is a design that complies with customer requirements; a design is often carried out for various reasons, sometimes it is to launch a brand new product, but in most cases it is because of the replacement of the original product, and its packaging is transformed , but regardless of the design motivation, a full understanding of customer needs is essential. If it is a new product, what is its target market? If it is a product upgrade, what advantages can be inherited from the original packaging design? If the product is redesigned, is it to develop a new market or to reverse the declining sales situation ?What are the strengths and weaknesses of the current design? In short, the more fully understand the customer's situation, the better the final design effect.

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