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Packaging common sense, explanation of various types of paper kraft paper bag materials

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-17

We have seen a lot of packaging in our daily life, and we know a lot about the packaging of various products. But do you know what materials are in the packaging? Today, I will introduce to you the paper packaging materials in kraft paper bags.

In the whole process of kraft paper bag design and development, paper packaging material, as a common packaging material, is widely used in production and life practice. The paper is low in cost, suitable for mass mechanized production, and has good formability and folding properties, suitable for fine printing, and has the advantages of recyclability, economy and environmental protection.

1. Kraft paper

Kraft paper is tough and inexpensive, with good folding resistance and water resistance. It is usually yellow-brown, and is light brown, off-white or white after bleaching. It is mostly used to make shopping bags, envelopes, cement bags, etc., and is also used for food packaging paper.

2. Coated paper

Coated paper is mainly refined from high-grade raw materials such as wood and cotton fibers, and is divided into two types: single copper and double copper. Its paper surface is white, high smooth, strong adhesion, strong waterproof, suitable for multi-color overprint printing, with bright colors and rich layer changes after printing. Commonly used in the production of handbags, business cards and book, magazine covers.

3. White cardboard

White board paper is white and smooth on the front and gray on the back. It is hard and thick in texture and has good standing strength, surface strength, folding resistance and printing adaptability. It is suitable for packaging boxes and lining boards. Wait.

4. White cardboard White cardboard is a multi-layer double-sided thick white cardboard with double-sided coating and matt treatment. Its texture is firm, white and smooth, and it is mostly used to make gift boxes, hang tags, and bottom linings of blister packaging.

5. Corrugated paper

Corrugated paper is named because it is processed into a corrugated shape. Corrugated cardboard is made by bonding face paper, lining paper, core paper and corrugated paper. It has the advantages of lightness and firmness, strong load and pressure resistance, shock resistance, moisture resistance, and low cost. Corrugated cardboard is divided into single-sided corrugated cardboard, three-layer, five-layer, seven-layer, eleven-layer corrugated cardboard, etc. Single-sided corrugated cardboard is generally used as a lining protective layer for commodity packaging or to make light card grids and pads to protect commodities from vibration or impact during storage and transportation; three-layer or five-layer corrugated cardboard is used to make commodities for sale. Packaging; seven-layer or eleven-layer corrugated cardboard is mainly used to make packaging boxes for mechanical and electrical products, furniture, motorcycles, and large household appliances.

The above are the paper packaging materials that will be used in the packaging of kraft paper bags. It is an enterprise with rich experience in the production of professional paper bags and gift boxes. It is a professional gift packaging box design, printing and production in one. Large-scale entity manufacturers, multi-faceted to meet customer needs. Adhering to the customer-centric business philosophy, we strive to provide customers with high-quality customized kraft paper bag services. If you have any packaging needs, you can contact us at any time.

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