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[Packaging box] The design concept of '100-year-old 'box''

by:Jialan Package     2022-01-23

The packaging designed by the box will not only attract the attention of customers in the store, but also further improve the product. It is a market strategy that any well-known company dare not ignore. Therefore, in addition to solving the basic principles of design, good packaging design and printing should also focus on the study of consumers' psychological activities in order to stand out among similar products. The immediate goal of product packaging is to inspire consumers to make a purchase. This should be the first consideration when developing a product packaging plan. Second, even if consumers are not ready to buy the product, they should be encouraged to make a good impression of the product's branding, packaging and trademarks, and the manufacturer. Including product container design, product inner and outer packaging design, hang tag, label design, transportation packaging, and gift packaging design, paper bag, handbag design.

Diversity of packaging box design: There are a wide variety of logos and a wide range of uses. In terms of their application forms, composition forms, and means of expression, packaging box designs are rich in diversity. Its application form is not only flat (the plane of almost any material), but also three-dimensional (such as relief, garden sculpture, arbitrary-shaped three-dimensional objects or special styles of packaging, containers, etc. as signs, etc.). The forms of its composition include those that directly use physical images, some that are composed of text symbols, some that are composed of figurative images, images or abstract graphics, and some that are composed of colors. Most signs are composed of a combination of several basic forms. As far as the means of expression are concerned, its richness and diversity are almost difficult to summarize, and with the development of technology, culture and art, there is always continuous innovation

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