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Packaging box marketing

by:Jialan Package     2022-02-16

A good gift box can show the taste of a product. As the saying goes, people want clothes, Buddhas want gold, and commodities need a good package. Because the packaging box of the product is not just a piece; coat; but an integral part of the product itself. Commodity packaging has become a means to enhance the added value of commodities and corporate brand image. In today's era, packaging design has not only become an indispensable part and external form of modern commodities, but also creative packaging design is not only a beautiful coat for commodities to enter the market, but also a reflection of value. In today's increasingly developed market-oriented economy, perhaps the story of 'buying a casket and returning a pearl' is no longer suitable as a negative teaching material, but should become a classic case of packaging marketing. In fact, in the process of marketing, many merchants still have insufficient understanding of commodity packaging and ignore other additional functions of packaging, so that although the products produced by many domestic enterprises have reached a high level in quality, they cannot obtain consumers' attention. Approved. Whether it is commodity price or market share, there is a big gap compared with similar foreign products. As a means of realizing commodity value and use value, packaging is an indispensable part of commodity production, circulation and sales. With the development of the times and the improvement of people's aesthetic requirements for products, packaging has bid farewell to the original single practical function, and has become a magic weapon for disseminating commodity information, enhancing commodity value, and occupying the market. ;It turns out that most of our product packaging is 'silly, big and black', which is neither practical nor beautiful, which greatly affects the market value of the product; now our company has realized that through the design of product packaging, not only can it enhance the additional value of the product itself value, increase the profit of the enterprise, and enhance the overall brand image of the enterprise. ;

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