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Packaging box manufacturers teach you how to customize luxury gift boxes

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-17

Well-designed luxury packaging can provide customers with an unforgettable shopping experience. Every brand wants to present a luxurious, high-quality image in front of customers, and so does product packaging. Customers judge a product by its packaging. High-end luxury gift boxes can attract customers' attention in terms of appearance and details. From the moment customers see the packaging, they can't help but want to check it. High-end luxury packaging must also provide customers with a sense of quality and exclusivity. As a packaging box manufacturer, it is recommended not to use monotonous cardboard boxes in the packaging design, but to add some textures to the packaging and so on. In addition, the following points can also help you customize luxury packaging boxes.

think outside the box

The rule of thumb for packaging is that when you customize a box, you always consider the packaging that matches your product. For example: Fragile products will choose packaging materials with stronger protection. For some clothing and other products, relatively speaking, the requirements for the material of the packaging box will not be so high. But luxury brands can break this routine. Part of the reason why luxury brands are so popular is their influence, and the other part is the high-end image they create. Therefore, no matter what the product is, it should provide a customized solution that matches the brand image.

use brand colors

Take Tiffany's classic blue jewelry box, for example. The iconic robin egg blue packaging is tied with a white ribbon and is as iconic as the jewelry itself. While Tiffany has cornered the market with Pantone PMS Color No. 1837, there are thousands of other colors to choose from. The color of the box should convey the luxury of the product. Choosing a single color can make it easier for customers to identify. Secondly, packaging design with too many colors will look too fancy.

customer experience

Influence the shopping experience by incorporating other senses into your packaging. You can apply a variety of textured wrapping materials or emboss in plain wrapping materials. Adding processes such as embossing or embossing to the packaging can create a three-dimensional and tactile experience for the box.

interior design

Remember, high-end luxury packaging boxes can also serve as display items. When customers open the package of a luxury product, they hope that the interior space of the package is also tailored, especially for display products such as jewelry and watches. Whether it is the choice of lining material or printing pattern, the overall practicability, aesthetics and high-grade should be considered.

When customizing luxury packaging boxes, it is not enough to know the above information alone. Brands should also seek help from packaging box manufacturers, only in this way can they customize packaging boxes that perfectly match luxury goods.

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