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Packaging box manufacturers explain which common inner trays are used in high-end bags

by:Jialan Package     2022-02-02

High-end packaging box manufacturers are specialized in customizing high-end gift boxes. Everyone should know that low-end boxes are generally made of cardboard or pit paper. However, the inner support of high-end boxes is various, not only the diversification of materials, but also the changes in craftsmanship. Let the packaging box manufacturers explain the commonly used inner trays for high-end bags.

High-end packaging box manufacturers

There are four kinds of high-end inner support: blister, sponge, pearl cotton, and EVA, each of which has different matching methods. Sponges are usually paired with silk cloth, which is more suitable for holding cosmetics. The packaging box manufacturer cuts the sponge into pieces through the punching machine, and the customer can adjust it according to the different cosmetic bottles. Pearl cotton is also more suitable for matching with silk, which is mostly used for inner support of heavier products, because pearl cotton itself has better hardness. Blister is a high-end inner support that can be used alone. If flocking is added, it will be very high-end. However, because it is plastic, it is not environmentally friendly enough, and the hardness is not enough. General packaging box manufacturers do not recommend it. The last is the highest-grade EVA. EVA can also be used alone and is relatively high-grade, with good hardness but also softness. After flocking, it is particularly high-end, and the packaging box manufacturer recommends that it can be used as an inner tray for precision instruments, jewelry, and high-end products.

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