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Packaging box design needs clear conditions?

by:Jialan Package     2022-03-01
Due to the role of the packaging box, it is not only used to store goods, but also has an effect of brand promotion. Doing a good job in the design of the packaging box can achieve twice the result with half the effort in the transmission of brand value. Therefore, when designing, designers need to clarify the following points:
First, the design theme of the packaging box should be clear, and the design should be in line with the product characteristics. When a product packaging box lacks the theme, it will lose to the same type of products, and it will be a big deal in the sales path. The inside of the box should not be different. Different inside will create a feeling of deception, and it is difficult to have repeat customers.
Second, the design of the packaging box should be realistic and design according to the actual situation, not to take too many shortcuts; too many shortcuts will make the product flashy, and it is difficult to guarantee the product quality with excessive decoration. will be criticized by others.
3. The design of the packaging box should meet the needs of the trend. Although the current packaging box design is a corporate positioning, it has to conform to the trend of environmental protection. An environmentally friendly packaging box will make people more attractive to consumers If the product is more related to green environmental protection, it can be designed into environmentally friendly packaging, which can not only protect the replacement, but also protect the nature of the product.
In short, to do a good job in packaging box design, we also need design inspiration, packaging cost, consumers' rational or emotional purchase, life discovery, etc. As long as we pay attention to these details, we can do a good job in packaging box design.

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