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Packaging box design, idea is very important

by:Jialan Package     2022-03-01

Ideation is the soul of box design. It is difficult to formulate formulas such as fixed conception methods and conception procedures in the design and creation of packaging boxes. Most of the creations are from immature to mature. In the process of affirming some or denying some, modifying some or supplementing some, it is a normal phenomenon. The core of the concept is to consider the two issues of what to express and how to express it. To answer these two questions, it is necessary to solve the following four points: expression, expression angle, expression method and expression form. Just like combat, it is the target of attack, the angle is the breakthrough, the technique is the tactics, and the form is the weapon.

When designing the packaging box, we should learn as much as possible about the relevant information, compare and choose, and then determine the performance. Therefore, packaging box designers are required to have a wealth of knowledge about commodities, market residence and life, and the accumulation of cultural knowledge. The more accumulation, the wider the world of ideas, the more ways, and the more foundational the choices. The choice of the brand mainly includes three aspects: the brand name, the commodity itself and the consumer object.

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