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[Packaging box] Design also needs 'culture'

by:Jialan Package     2022-03-07

Because the cultures all over the world do not come from the same source, of course there is the issue of nationality. The nationality of packaging box design culture is mainly manifested in the conceptual level of packaging box design cultural structure, which reflects the psychological commonality of the entire nation. Different nationalities and different environments result in different cultural concepts, which are directly and indirectly reflected in their own design activities and products. For example, the scientific, logical, rigorous and rational styling style of German design, the novel, smart, light and humane characteristics of Japan, and the elegance and romance of Italian design, all of which were born from the cultural concepts of their different nationalities in the atmosphere. The stability, completeness, integrity and symmetry in the design style of Chinese packaging boxes are also the reflection of the introverted psychological characteristics and relatively conservative social consciousness of the Chinese people.

Because the design organization system is born out of the consciousness concept of design, it is the materialization of design consciousness, and it is derived from the national design consciousness, so it and the activities and practical results under the guidance of people's design concept are covered with different nationalities. Colors are branded with nationality.

Of course, the national character of packaging box design culture is not only stable and conservative, it is in the opposition and unity with the times, with the changes and development of social life and social concepts, but also in its own opposition. Unification is constantly updated and develops its own characteristics. Therefore, we can be confined to our own consciousness and embark on the road of national standardization; otherwise, we will definitely be in our own small place.

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