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Our American's clients feedback about our product.

Our American's clients feedback about our product.


Moshe is from USA. He saw our company in alibaba. Then he sent us inquiry about 20000pcs paper bag. Our colleague Gary replied him immidiately. He told me it was 3am in the morning. Moshe is also shocked . 

Because he didn't expect there would be someone replying. He sent inquiries to five supplies at the same time. But only got prompt reply from us. 

So he told gary all details. But Moshe is also a thoughtful clients. After he discussed all details with gary. He asked gary to go to sleep. It is too late. He can understand . Just replied him the next morning. 

During one week , Moshe decided to place the order with us. And last month, he received goods. He loved it . it is perfect for him. 

We are so happy that our clients likes our paper bags. It will encourage us to improve every little details to make the prodcuts better. 

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