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Open paper size and finished size of paper bag making

by:Jialan Package     2021-03-28

 Everyone knows that when we are making paper bags, we will first determine the type and size of paper bags according to the size of the design drawings confirmed by the customer. There are also preliminary preparations for knife molds and so on. Today, we will Get up and learn some tips for customizing paper sizes.

 We must first understand a few key words: open paper size, bleeding and finished size. The paper size is the original paper purchased according to the size of the design drawing, but it is not completely determined according to the previous size, and there must be a certain amount of room for trimming. Generally, it is enough to leave a 1-2cm margin on each side of the top, bottom, left and right. The paper of these sizes left for trimming is called bleeding. The finished size is the final size after trimming, and then it will match the size of the paper bag design drawing.

 Like our custom-made gift paper bags or clothing paper bags, there will be folds when they are made. This is also included in the corresponding calculation. If the general kraft paper bag is made with stickers, it is not necessary.

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