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New Year's goods should be made with such paper bags!

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-25

The new year of the new calendar has begun, will the Spring Festival be far behind? A long time ago, the little friends in the company began to grab high-speed rail tickets. After more than ten days of hard work, she finally picked up the missed ticket, which was really a bitter tear. The editor is fortunate that I don't have to rush for tickets, but I am in another trouble: I want to buy some New Year's goods to give to my relatives and friends, but I find that the production of paper bags is very low. As a small editor who has been in the packaging circle for so long, said I don't like it, because what you see on Taobao is basically this style, you can experience it yourself:

Some people may say that the packaging is quite normal, with a fiery and festive taste, but please forgive me for not appreciating the beauty of this northeastern flower jacket. The following small freshness suits my taste.

It is also red as the main color, but this style of painting looks very harmonious and does not feel hot to the eyes. Red is inherently strong, so the picture should be lighter, so that it won't be a strong impact.

Although the festive red color is not used in the production of this paper bag, its illustrations make it more suitable as a gift than red. The phoenix symbolizes good luck and good luck. Coupled with the words 'Always accompany youGetting up means good luck and good luck always accompany, what a blessing.

There is also this paper bag production in ink painting style, which is elegant and fresh. This style of painting is very textured. This kind of paper bag production makes people feel like they have instantly become a literati. Be a breath of fresh air in the booming New Year's gifts. The footsteps of the New Year are getting closer and closer. It is very important for the bosses to sell paper bags for the New Year. If you have friends who need paper bags, please remember to find them.

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