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New thinking of kraft paper bag packaging factory

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-11

Modern logistics was born with the advancement of science and technology and the development of market economy. In order to protect the goods from being damaged during transportation and put forward higher requirements for the packaging of goods, the editor visited many kraft paper bag packaging factories to discuss the requirements and characteristics of product packaging design based on modern logistics.

Modern logistics refers to the entire circulation process of commodities from suppliers to end users. Modern logistics has many processes, including packaging, storage, handling, transportation, loading and unloading, handling, distribution and so on. Commodity packaging is an important part of modern logistics. 1. The packaging of the product directly affects the final volume, which affects the cost of logistics; 2. The packaging and packaging of the product determine whether the intermediate handling, unloading, and whether it is convenient and fast, thereby saving logistics costs; 3. The packaging of the product is important for the product. It has a protective effect and can effectively reduce the damage to the product during transportation. From the above, packaging and modern logistics are closely related. When the kraft paper bag packaging factory is doing commodity packaging design, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the large-scale flow of modern commodities to facilitate the flow of commodities and save logistics costs.

Modern logistics is based on the principles of safety, reliability, convenience, cost minimization and profit maximization, and the requirements for product packaging design are getting higher and higher. Specifically, several factors need to be paid attention to in packaging design and packaging:

1) Security protection

Safety protection is the most basic requirement for commodity packaging in modern logistics. If the safety protection performance is not up to standard, it will cause heavy losses in the process of commodity transportation, storage and handling. The security of commodity packaging includes: 1. Physical security protection. Commodity packaging should have sufficient cushioning performance to avoid irreversible physical damage to commodities during the logistics process due to bumps and collisions. 2. Biochemical protection; due to insufficient sealing, insufficient shading performance, or insufficient moisture-proof performance, these problems may lead to the unusable quality of the product, and there will be more unpredictable environmental changes and conditions in the process of product logistics. , which increases its risk. Therefore, in product packaging, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the environment of the logistics process, and carry out targeted design to increase the safety protection performance of the packaging;

2) Design standardization requirements

The standardization of packaging design requires the same size of product packaging, which is conducive to various combinations in the logistics process, so as to maximize the use of space and effectively reduce logistics costs such as storage costs and transportation costs. Design standardization is not only a requirement of large-scale industrial production, but also a requirement of modern logistics.

3) Packaging materials are recyclable

In packaging design, it is necessary to consider the ease of recycling and reusability of materials, such as common cardboard packaging, cardboard has good protection properties for goods, and cardboard can be folded for storage when not in use, and can be reused. This can effectively reduce logistics costs. At the same time, the use of recyclable and easy-to-reuse materials can effectively reduce the use of packaging materials, reduce resource consumption, and be conducive to environmental protection construction.

4) Functional design

The full name management and tracking of information is the key to the development of modern logistics. The intelligent design of packaging can effectively track all aspects of logistics, which is of great significance for commodity anti-counterfeiting and commodity protection in various complex links.

Due to the important role of packaging in modern logistics, kraft paper bag packaging factories need to comprehensively consider the packaging requirements of modern logistics when designing commodity packaging. Only in this way can the logistics cost of commodities be reduced, the losses in logistics can be avoided, and the circulation of commodities can be effectively promoted.

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