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New technology for making cosmetic paper bags

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-30

For a long time in the past, the only criterion for consumers to judge the complex cosmetics market is the quality of cosmetics, so the competition among cosmetics manufacturers has been focused on the quality of cosmetics. However, the homogenization of the cosmetic market is increasing day by day. With the continuous development of cosmetic paper bag production and processing technology and the increasing appreciation level of consumers in recent years, the importance of cosmetic paper bag production competition has become increasingly prominent. Among them, the new process of cosmetic paper bag production increases the weight for cosmetic packaging to obtain a favorable competitive position.

Generally speaking, the commonly used processes in the production of cosmetic paper bags focus on hot stamping, UV varnishing, frosting, embossing, etc. These post-press processing processes can not only play a finishing touch on cosmetic carton packaging, but also enhance cosmetic products. class that makes it stand out on the shelf. Because the post-press processing technology is relatively complex, and the requirements for equipment and operators are relatively high, it can also play a certain anti-counterfeiting effect.

Regarding ink, many cosmetic packaging brands are also looking for a better breakthrough model. In fact, the use of special inks (such as UV imitation metal etching inks, foaming inks, scented inks, pearlescent inks, fluorescent inks, color-changing inks, etc.) is also an effective way to improve the appearance of cosmetic paper bags. For cosmetics with different fragrances, inks with different fragrances can be used for printing, so that consumers can smell the fragrance when they touch the products, which can further stimulate consumers' desire to buy; if printing with color-changing inks, consumers can When you touch the color-changing ink printing area, you can observe the color or pattern change caused by the temperature difference, which greatly stimulates consumers' purchasing interest; some cosmetic packaging cartons have added functional tests for printing with special inks on their surfaces. Articles, guide consumers to carry out relevant tests, this new way of making paper bags is favored by consumers. It can be seen that the use of special ink can not only increase the gorgeousness of cosmetic carton packaging, but also have special sensory effects. Such new technology not only gives consumers a good experience, but also creates a good brand image and increases the effective market share.

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