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Multifunctional Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncake Gift Box

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-16

Most of us are visual animals. We pay special attention to all the 'beautiful' things around us, and the same is true for product packaging. Packaging boxes with beautiful appearance can often be more eye-catching. Now, many companies make moon cake packaging boxes into luxury packaging. In order to reduce packaging waste, many brands will design mooncake packaging boxes as storage boxes so that they can be reused by customers after use.


Nowadays, many mooncake gift boxes tend to only tend to be gorgeous, but the royal blue box of Ding Mooncake is not only beautiful, but also very practical. This mooncake box is not just for decoration. After the mooncake gift box is opened, there are four drawers, each with four golden handles. The drawers are just the right size for small items like cosmetics, jewelry and more.

Conrad Singapore

At first glance, you might think that this gift box of mooncakes from Conrad Centennial Singapore would be more suitable for a dressing table. The mooncake gift box is made of artificial leather, which has a very similar appearance to the texture of crocodile skin. With hardware accessories, it looks like a jewelry box. In addition, the inside of the box is also pasted with soft and thick flannel material, which is very suitable for storing valuables such as jewelry.

The Marmalade Pantry

In the combination of tradition and fashion, Marmalade Pantry did not customize the ordinary moon cake gift box, but designed it into a female handbag style. The bold red artificial leather is matched with the traditional Chinese rattan weaving technology, which fully expresses the traditional Chinese culture. Coupled with the bamboo handle, while retaining the visual appeal of the paper carrier bags, it adds a lot of traditional Chinese style to the whole package.

JEN Hotel Singapore

This mooncake gift box from the JEN Hotel in Singapore not only looks like a speaker in appearance, but it can actually play music. Bright turquoise packaging with a built-in Bluetooth speaker is visually and psychologically relaxing.

As far as mooncakes are concerned, the taste of mooncakes is important, but as a gift, the appearance of its packaging box is also a reflection of the value of the product. Now that the design of mooncake gift boxes is getting more and more sophisticated, reusable mooncake packaging boxes are becoming more and more popular.

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