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【Mooncake Packaging Box】What material is better to use?

by:Jialan Package     2022-01-25

In recent years, with the changes in people's consumption needs and the improvement of consumption levels, not only the moon cakes themselves have been given new connotations, but also more and higher requirements for the outer packaging of moon cakes. Mooncake packaging boxes range from paper boxes, wooden boxes, plastic boxes, bamboo baskets, etc. Compared with others, wooden box has its unique advantages: on the one hand, wooden box printing can use a variety of new inks and advanced printing technology, so that the printing surface has good gloss and more beautiful; on the other hand, the same price In this case, the wooden box appears to be suitable for popular gift packaging. More importantly, the wooden box has the characteristics of good compatibility, convenient processing, easy modeling, beautiful printing, and suitable storage.

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