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Mooncake packaging box making material selection and packaging form

by:Jialan Package     2022-02-27
When the Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching every year, some moon cake manufacturers have already begun to plan for the launch of the Mid-Autumn Festival moon cakes, and the moon cake packaging manufacturers are also actively preparing to design different moon cake packaging boxes according to the needs of the market. The following editor will focus on explaining the selection of materials and packaging forms for moon cake packaging boxes.
(1) The main materials for making moon cake packaging boxes: Dutch board, gray board, MDF, acrylic, metal, corrugated, etc. The packaging of the moon cake box is an important part of the product. It not only plays a protective role during transportation, but also directly affects the appearance of the product.
(2) Packaging materials and packaging forms commonly used in moon cake packaging boxes:
1. White paper -- ordinary white paper, copy paper, crepe paper;
2. Bubble paper / Poly velvet / sponge / pearl cotton;
3, carton type -- white box, brown box, color box.
(3) Production method of moon cake packaging box:
The packaging carton is formed by folding, because the thickness of the cardboard is 2mm, it is not easy to be folded and formed; the bottom surface and some parts of the side are bonded with adhesive; the plastic handle of the window box is manually installed.
To sum up, the above content is introduced in detail, some material selection and production process of moon cake packaging box, interested friends, you can contact the editor.
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