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[Mooncake Packaging Box] Features reflected in the printing process

by:Jialan Package     2022-03-07

As we all know, the packaging of products is an ancient and modern topic, and it is also a topic that people have been researching and exploring from beginning to end. Therefore, the moon cake packaging boxes used in the Mid-Autumn Festival are also very particular, especially in terms of printing. Its characteristics are super many, and the following small series summarizes three points.

1. Inkjet operation that can save paper: In the processing of moon cake packaging box surface paper of stretched materials in different processes, the technical points that are stable in the perfect printing technology are controlled, and a variety of printing surface papers are presented. The thickness and hardness of the processing feature in the firm area feature functional packaging methods.
2. Bottom glue connection: The moon cake packaging box is printed in the energy of the falling line processing and packaging, which can prevent the perfection of the craftsmanship in the manual packaging process of quality inspection, and present the color adjustment in the polishing process. In operation, the mild color processing function improves the characteristics of high exposure rate in density transportation processing.
3. The metal process packaging of moon cake packaging box, in different filtering and polishing processing technologies, can prevent the process from being resistant to firmness in various technical processes. For the effect of large-scale process copying, Reduced color shifts.
The above content is a detailed description of some features of the moon cake packaging box in the printing process. If you have any good suggestions for this, you can directly consult the editor.
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