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【Mooncake Box Customization】What details should we pay attention to?

by:Jialan Package     2022-03-07
As the Mid-autumn Festival is approaching, it is an important moment for major companies to prepare for holiday employee benefits, customer feedback and promotional gifts. Moon cakes are one of the must-have choices for companies to choose gifts. In order to enhance the value of products, many companies choose to customize moon cake packaging boxes. What details should be paid attention to when choosing moon cake boxes?
Hengtai Packaging uses elegant color matching and exquisite appearance design, and introduces a new concept of moon cake box customization, which realizes the combination of moon cake packaging and beauty. Generally, when customizing the moon cake box, the user needs to consider whether the size and shape of the customized moon cake box are appropriate when packing the moon cake. Whether the transportation will squeeze and so on. In addition to the first time, the materials used in the customization of these moon cake boxes, whether they are green materials, and whether they are hygienic, these are the information that users need to check with the manufacturer before customizing the moon cake boxes. It is also the details that manufacturers need to pay attention to when designing and making moon cake boxes.
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