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'Minimalism' or 'Luxury', which packaging style is more suitable for your brand

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-02

When customizing high-end packaging boxes, choosing a packaging style suitable for the brand is very important for the brand image and the attention of the product. This year, the minimalist design style is very popular in the packaging industry, but the popular one is not suitable for every brand. So, what about the product packaging that is more suitable for your brand with a minimalist design style or a luxurious design style?

Before we go any further, we need to understand that there is no strict right or wrong when it comes to minimalist design or luxury design. Just as 'beauty' is different in the eyes of different observers, whether it is minimalism or luxury packaging design is usually a matter of perspective, and the target audience it attracts is different.

The minimalist design style is about keeping the use of design elements to a minimum. Therefore, no matter what product you have, there are very few design elements that appeal to the customer's senses. However, the minimalist design style can maximize the display of brand elements and product information in front of potential customers, and can attract customers' attention through the advantages of the brand and products.

The biggest feature of luxury design elements is that they can directly impact customers' senses. So, whether it's color, texture, pattern, etc., use a lot. High-grade materials are also required in the selection of packaging boxes.

If you want to know which design style is more suitable for your brand. You need to see whether the previous packaging design style is favored by users. For example: Apple (Apple) is committed to using minimalist design style in its packaging box design, and customers are very satisfied with its packaging. Plus the popularity of Apple (AAPL) and the look of its box has kicked off. So it's a good idea that Apple (AAPL) has been using a minimalist design style in its electronics packaging. If your target audience is children, then the luxury design style is more suitable for your product packaging. Because compared with the advantages of brands and products, children are more attracted by the graphic design in the packaging box.

On the other hand, if your product's packaging has been stagnant in appeal to customers, you can try a different design style. In essence, listening to customers is the key to designing the outer packaging of products. Of course, this applies to all aspects of business, and packaging design is no exception. However, your brand image also needs to be considered when choosing a packaging design style.

Obviously, there are many factors that determine whether a gift box has a minimalist design or a luxurious design. But the main thing is your customer needs and brand image.

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