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Mid-autumn gift paper bag making is not the exclusive packaging of moon cakes

by:Jialan Package     2021-04-11

The Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, and what everyone naturally thinks of as gifts is to send all kinds of moon cakes made of exquisite hand-held paper bags. Food merchants are naturally busy producing mooncakes in the 2016 Mid-Autumn Festival mooncake portable paper bag making. In fact, for merchants who want to be festive, the daily consumer products that can be gifted can be made of Mid-Autumn gift hand-held paper bags, and the Mid-Autumn Festival slogan is added. Those exquisite Mid-Autumn moon cake hand-held paper bags are not just a sword for sellers of moon cakes Oh!

Double 11 was originally just a shopping day launched by Taobao, but it was later embraced by the whole people. In everyone's mind, this is a shopping festival for all platforms, and it is also promoted when connected. The same Mid-Autumn Festival, a festival to express gratitude and yearning, while sending mooncakes, you can also give your loved ones autumn tonics and autumn clothes...

Special launch refers to the production of Mid-Autumn Festival commemorative paper bags to promote one's own products or classic products or new products during this special festival.

The restaurant above has launched a Mid-Autumn-themed souvenir hand-held paper bag. In fact, drawing on some elements of Mid-Autumn Festival hand-made paper bags, Huahaoyueyuan, sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance, Chang'e Flying to the Moon can also make some special products and even cosmetics, silk scarves, and custom-made clothing for women. Different from the usual hand-made paper bags, you can push more warm and warm words on the hand-made paper bags. Taking this opportunity can play a role in promoting products and brands.

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