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Mid-autumn festival high-end portable paper bags make more value than moon cakes

by:Jialan Package     2021-04-10

The Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, how do local tyrants eat moon cakes? Want to eat the most expensive moon cakes. I am very curious about what the most expensive mooncake looks like. In my impression, the expensive mooncakes must be made of luxurious paper bags.

A few days ago, a colleague said that he would give his friend a good Mid-Autumn Festival gift to give moon cakes. Because this friend is noble, he cannot give ordinary moon cakes. I thought about it and suggested whether to send Haagen-Dazs mooncakes, which are expensive enough. There are only 5 small mooncakes in a box of more than 250. Seven-star moon worship has sold for nearly 500 yuan. My colleague said that even Dior mooncakes are even more expensive. I have eaten the high ones.

After all, the expensive mooncakes are nothing more than a gimmick, to be precise, it is a gimmick for this festival. The ingredients of the mooncake itself are not expensive, unless it is the precious ingredients obtained at the high altitude. Whether it is Haagen-Dazs or Dior mooncakes, they are all stigmatized by their own names. To put it bluntly, they are selling dog meat.

What is certain is that the high-quality moon cakes must be made with high-end paper bags. If you eat them yourself, you don’t need such good paper bags to make them. However, the mooncakes that are sold expensively during the Mid-Autumn Festival are all used as gifts. According to the mood of the gift giver, the production of hand-held paper bags should also be designed to suit the gift giver’s feeling. For example, Haagen-Dazs is the first choice for gifts for some young couples. Even the Mid-Autumn Festival is the same as Valentine's Day, so Haagen-Dazs launches the flower language series, sweet and romantic moon cakes in a box. However, there is another type of customers who choose to send leaders and superiors, so that a type of extremely expensive mooncakes emerges at the historic moment. I remember eating such expensive moon cakes when I was in college. In a home with a tutor, my father was an engineering manager. He received a Mid-Autumn Festival gift box, a box of more than 1,000 Qixing Moon. At that time, I felt like I was floating when I ate mooncakes. In fact, mooncakes are just that, but they are extremely expensive. I saw the child's father put the moon cake box in front of me, and was shocked. I didn't expect that the moon cake was in it. The packaging is truly high-end, heavy, with high-end art paper backing, borders and diamond logos, and boxes decorated with flowers. Opening the small boxes in the big box is based on the craftsmanship of the big box. It is not so much eating moon cakes as it is to enjoy the box. The moon cakes are packaged as handicrafts to treat the value of the local tyrants. No wonder I eat moon cakes and walk. They all floated under their feet.

From then on, I have seen moon cakes made with extremely high-end paper bags and I know how expensive it is, because paper bag making itself surpasses the value of moon cakes. The Mid-Autumn Festival mooncake paper bag production is in line with real high-level customization, but for ordinary people, it is still not possible to enjoy mooncakes made from such high-end paper bags. Even Haagen-Dazs has to touch his pockets repeatedly when he buys and eats by himself. Up!

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