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Method for detecting ink viscosity in making jewelry paper bags

by:Jialan Package     2021-04-03

The viscosity of the ink is very important. In the process of making hand bags, it is often controlled by the jewelry paper bag manufacturer. However, as the so-called one hundred dense and thin, often the viscosity is beyond the normal range. However, when people find out that the hand bag has been made, and there are some defects caused by printing ink, so it feels a little helpless. Today, jewelry paper bag manufacturers follow Let us introduce a fire-fighting method that is suitable for inspection by the operator during the production process.

In fact, as mentioned above, the method of measuring the viscosity of liquid ink is very simple. Usually only two tools are needed, one is a stopwatch and the other is a viscosity cup. These are normal tools that are relatively easy to obtain, and mobile phones So developed, basically the stopwatch can be replaced by a mobile phone, and the convenience of this detection has been improved by another level.

So what is the specific operation of the jewelry paper bag manufacturer?

First take out the sample ink, then stir evenly, then pour the ink that has been stirred by the jewelry paper bag manufacturer into the viscosity cup, and then use a relatively uniform speed to raise the viscosity cup, stopwatch Start timing when the ink leaves the viscosity cup, and then wait for the ink flow out and observe your confidence. When the ink flow reaches a breakpoint, stop timing. At this time, the time on the timer can roughly be the representative of the ink viscosity. , The value is relatively high, that is, if the time is long, it means that the viscosity is high and the value is small. However, we all know that the liquid of this ink will be affected by the surrounding environment, so it is worth mentioning that the temperature is 25 degrees Celsius. The environment is the best.

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