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Men's [tie box] is equipped with a gentleman, packing box, sample picture book, tie box

by:Jialan Package     2022-03-12

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Tie box related information:

A tie is a piece of clothing on the collar of a jacket, tied on the collar of a shirt and knotted on the chest, including bow ties in a broad sense. It is usually paired with a suit and is an essential piece of clothing in people's (especially men's) daily lives.

When wearing a formal suit, put on a beautiful tie, which is not only beautiful, but also gives people a sense of elegance and solemnity. However, the tie, which symbolizes civilization, has evolved from uncivilization. . The earliest ties can be traced back to the ancient Roman Empire. At that time, the soldiers wore scarves on their chests, which were used to wipe the swords. During the battle, drag the swords to the scarves to wipe off the blood on them. Therefore, most modern ties use striped patterns, which originated from this.

The theory of tie protection believes that the tie originated in the Germans. The Germans lived in the deep mountains and old forests. They drank blood and wore animal skins to keep warm and cold. In order to prevent the skins from falling, they tied straw ropes around their necks. Tie the hide. In this way, the wind cannot blow in from the neck, which not only keeps warm and protects from the wind, but the straw rope around their necks was discovered by Westerners and gradually perfected into a tie. Others believe that the tie originated from the fishermen at the seaside. The fishermen went to the sea to fish. Because the sea was windy and cold, the fishermen tied a belt around their necks to protect against the wind and keep warm, and gradually the belt became a decoration. Protecting the human body to adapt to the geographical environment and climatic conditions at that time is an objective factor in the production of ties. This kind of straw rope and belt is the original tie. The tie function theory believes that the origin of the territorial integrity belt is because of the needs of people's life and has a certain purpose. There are two legends here. A type of cloth believed to have originated as a man wiping his mouth under a man's collar in England. Before the Industrial Revolution, Britain was also a backward country. When eating meat, you grabbed it with your hands, and then held it to your mouth in large chunks to gnaw. Adult men became popular with beards, and gnawing on large pieces of meat made their beards greasy. Just wipe it with your sleeves. In order to deal with men's unclean behavior, women hung a cloth under the man's collar to wipe their mouths. Over time, the cloth under the collar became an appendage of the British men's shirt tradition. After the Industrial Revolution, Britain developed into a developed capitalist country. People were very particular about food, clothing, housing, and transportation, and the cloth hanging under their collars turned into ties.

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